17 de setembro de 2010

Não falo inglês perfeitamente, mas
vou tentar assassinar o idioma com uma boa intenção.

Life is something strange.
When we are happy, nothing can be better in our lives, but there is always something to made it just go away. We think we are adult enough to everything because we are just happy. Happiness is something wonderful, yes, it is... but sometimes, the white rabbit doesn't take us to the Wonderland.

Yes, happiness is strange too.
Everybody wants to be happy. We were born, we grown up, go to school, then to the college, and work and build a life and live this life and die. It's the life in simple words. But in the middle of these words, there is a little thing very important: during all these times, everybody runs to their happiness.

"Who wants happiness?",
people ask in the streets "Hey, I know you want happiness!"

Everybody wants to be happy.
Everybody wants a beautiful T-shirt, or a very cool car, or a big and awesome piano at home. Everybody wants those shoes or those brigadeiros of the store... We always want something to made us happy and HEY, it means that nobody is happy? Well, if we need to have what we want to be happy and we always want something new, are we really happy? What the fuck is happiness???

Hey, wait! I know what is happiness! Do you want to know, Jenny? Happiness is near you. VERY near you. Happiness is your family. You can meet a lot of people, but you need to be sure that you can trust in your family every time of all your life.
You can smoke, drink, say bad things, kill someone, go to the prision, but your family will always be on your side, whatever happens. Do you know why? Because they just LOVE you.

Yes, now I can say:
Happiness is not the T-shirt or the piano.
Happiness is not the good job or money.
Happiness is your family.

Hey, did you already say that you love them today? Go, Jenny! But don't run so fast because they wont leave you. They are in your heart and they will be there, forever.

Ps: I can be your little sister, if you want. I think Tadeu won't be angry because he likes you. So I'm his sister and your sister, ok? Ah... sister is a part of the family, isn't? Hm... just to make sure, nhm... :)


Texto para Jennifer, por motivos específicos.

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2 comentário (s)

  1. Yes, you're right, Monie.


    Everywhere Life will bring me, i'll be always loved by my family. And they'll never keep me to do what i decided to do. But they will prevent me and i won't maybe listen to them. And finally i'll know one day that they were RIGHT. Because family is always right.

    There's one day where we have to leave Home, like every son or daughter, cause Parents gave roots and wings. And thanks to these roots, we'll never forget them, and we'll always be attached to them.

    I love you monie, yes you're my family. <3

  2. Ouun, I just loved this you wrote and I also tell you that I totally agree with every word. Family is always there for us, no matter who we are or how many bad thing we've done.
    Congrats for your text and I'm sure Jenny loved it as much as I did.